Military Homes for Rent or Sale by Owner in Arizona

Finding it hard to buy or rent a military home by owner in Arizona? Well, not anymore. Military Real Estate helps you find a suitable military home for you by giving you the privilege to choose from hundreds of listings to finalize a military house that’s perfect for you and your family. On our website, you will find thousands of available listings near your military base making it easy for you to relocate with your family in a short span of time. We have Arizona Military Homes by Owner as well as agent for you to choose from.

Military Bases in Arizona

Arizona is home to 5 Air Force Bases, 1 Navy Base, and Army bases as follows:

Air Force Bases

1.       Tucson Air National Guard

2.       Tucson Air Force Base

3.       Davis Monthan Air Force Base

4.       Luke Air Force Base

5.       Sky Harbor Air National Guard Base

Army Bases

1.       Electronic Proving Guard

2.       Fort Huachuca

3.       Yuma Proving Guard

Navy Base

1.       MCAS Yuma

If you have been stationed near any of these military bases in Arizona, we are here to help you relocate with your family by helping you find a perfect military home as soon as possible.

Buying a Military Home in Arizona

If you want to buy a military house by owner in Arizona, you must take an expert consultation before making this huge decision. Our agents help you make a best decision based on your financing and the period you are being stationed for. After analyzing all the aspects, we help you find a home that suits your family need and comes in budget. If you are interested in military homes by owners, we help you get in touch with many military persons looking to sell their homes.

Renting a Military House in Arizona

Want to rent a military house that comes in a safe location for your family and kids? Visit our website and find all the listings available in Arizona and then choose the one that fits perfect in your requirement. With variety of features, our platform offers the best homes for rent in Arizona.

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