Military Homes for Sale or Rent by Owner in Mississippi

Mississippi is a US state that is home to 8 military bases. Hundreds of military men get stationed here every month. Therefore, the demand of Military Properties is increasing day by day. If you are also stationed in any of the military bases in Mississippi and looking for military homes for rent or sale by owner in your nearby location, then you must check our website that helps military people find excellent homes in preferred areas in just the matter of clicks.

Military Bases in Mississippi

There are 4 Air Force Bases, 1 Army Base, 1 Coast Guard Base, and 1 Navy Base in Mississippi.

Air Force Bases

1.       Jackson-Evers International Airport

2.       Key Field

3.       Columbus Air Force Base

4.       Keesler AFB

Army Base

·         Camp Shelby

Coast Guard Base

·         AIRSTA Biloxi

Navy Base

1.       NAS Meridian

2.       Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport

Military Houses for Sale by Owner

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Military Houses for Rent by Owner

Not all the people can afford to buy a new home. Renting instead is a better option for them. So, if you are interested in renting a military home listed by owner is Mississippi, then you must try finding one on Military Real Estate. On the website, there are number of military house listings that you can explore and choose the one that suits your and your family’s needs the most.

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