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An Insight into Benefits of Browsing Military Properties for Sale Instead of On-Base Housing


Getting enrolled in the military is a patriotic thing to do for an American citizen, and the military rewards the individuals with incredible benefits that set their lifestyle apart from civilians. While most of the benefits involve monetary compensation such as cash in hand or better discounts for daily purchases, they also involve housing benefits for every member of the military, which is naturally extended to their families.

Housing is provided by the military at the base in which the military person is currently posted, and housing is provided to them at no addition cost but they have to give up their monthly housing allowance that is usually a part of the military benefits offered to military individuals. While this is not an issue for many families who opt to live in the base itself, others often have second thoughts about on-base living and look at military properties for sale to move out of the base and live in civilian areas. More on that will be discussed in a while. 

The Wide Range of Military Benefits

Military men and women get a lot of benefits that sets them apart from regular, civilian working people; they are given a base pay, which can be said as their salary for their service. They are given priority healthcare through military hospitals with special benefits due to which they don’t have to pay a lot of money for medical bills. Each base has a shopping store known as exchange, where daily use items are sold at low prices than regular selling prices. Military bases even have gas stations, liquor stores and fast food stores that sell at lower prices than regular cost. Military members also get recreational benefits at some places such as country clubs, pools, spas, golf centers, provided all these are present in the base itself.

Military Basic Allowance for Housing

Then they are given housing allowance money, which is a bi-weekly payment made to military men and women so that they can pay their housing rent. But those who live in on-base houses have to give up their entire housing allowance because they already have a house to live in, which is provided by the military. It does not matter how large or small the on-base house is, or if it is impeccably maintained or in a run-down condition; the military men and women assigned to that house will have to give up their entire housing allowance money irrespective of whether it is worth it or not. If it’s worth it, then okay. But what if it isn’t?

The Shift to Off-Base Housing

Whenever the on-base house feels less than adequate, whether it is lack of maintenance or lack of space, families start to look for off-base houses. Because they get paid a basic housing allowance every two weeks, they have the freedom to choose an appropriate house in civilian conditions, and they often get a bigger and better house within the scope of their monthly allowance which they can use to pay the rent of that house. But wait, there’s a new option. What if you actually went all out and buy a property instead of renting one? It is commercially viable, for the average mortgage rate paid by Americans on their houses is nearly $1200 per month, that less than the housing allowance money that military personnel receive.

Buying a Military Property

Military properties are not actually owned by the military; these are designated civilian houses that are sold only to military members. There’s not much difference in terms of looks when compared to civilian homes, as most of the differences occur in the documentation involved in the transaction. Military men and women often get some benefits such as lower mortgage rates and faster loan approvals along with others. But does buying a house make sense?

It makes sense if you are at the end of your military service time. It make sense if you want to have your own home that you can easily pay off in mortgages while still in active service. It makes sense if you will be living in the same area for years at a stretch. It makes sense if you are posted in your hometown and you want to own a permanent home there.

In short, you can safely buy your own house with the military housing allowance serving as mortgage payment, and can have a place you can truly call your own.